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Zhongshan Zhonna Electronics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise of optoelectronic products, which integrates design and development, production and processing, sales and trade.
Main R & D and production: Red / Green / Blue / infrared laser module, laser / laser pen / laser instrument / laser lamp / and components.
We have a professional and experienced team of optical / electronic / structural engineers, and a design and creation team with the most cutting-edge laser technology as the design concept.
Committed to build China optoelectronic heavy industry, laser intelligent products in the field!
The unique brand-new patent design, brand-new design concept, as well as the integrity of the laser industry, the strength of original product design and the guarantee of product quality have won the recognition of the industry, and won the high praise and trust of the majority of businesses! It is an enterprise approved and registered by the relevant national departments, and has registered the Zhongna / Zhongna brand.
With strong strength, reasonable price and excellent service, we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with many enterprises.

We sincerely welcome all walks of life to visit, investigate and negotiate business.



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